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There is a theory that a news station will pass on an articulate Black person’s commentary in favor of a outlandishly stereotypical take on the matter at hand. Here is the latest example of the latter thanks to a local Texas news station,  an over the top Black woman named Michelle Clark and a potential catch phrase.

Just when you were maybe starting to forget about Antoine Dobson or Sweet Brown, we get Clark, who had to let you know just how crazy the hail storm yesterday in Brookshire, Texas really was. “Man, them jokers was big!,” explained Clark. “Size of a quarter, doggone!”

She continued, “It said Kapooyow!” Note, the uploader spelled it “kabooyow” but that sounds like a “p” in there to us.

Anyway, reading what she says really gives it no justice. Watch the clip below and have a laugh,  but know that all Black people don’t sound like this. Sure, plenty do, but not all of them. Okay?

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