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Less than two weeks ago Woodlawn, Ill. was the scene of a shooting that left a 6-month-old baby dead, today Brunswick, Ga. grabs a similarly tragic headline. A young boy reportedly opened fire on a mother and her 13-month-old son, Thursday (March 21), killing the child.

Sherry West says she was pushing her sleeping son, Antonio, in his stroller when she was approached by two youngsters. The boys are believed to be between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. One suspect demanded money from West, which she said she didn’t have. “He said ‘I’m gonna’ kill you if you don’t give me your money,’ and I said ‘I swear, I don’t have any,’” West explained.

When the gunman opened fire, West attempted to shield her son, but was pushed away by the suspect who shot the baby in the head. “I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me, and then he shot my baby right in the head.”

She was struck in the leg.

The boys fled into the residential neighborhood.

Cops combed the area  in search of the suspects, or information leading to their arrest. As of today, they have received over 30 leads. “Our uncompromising search has led us form door to door throughout the area, said Todd Rhodes, a spokesman for the Brunswick Police Department.

West provided a description for police, which they are using to search local school records, to see if any students were absent on the day of the incident, while the  Georgia Bureau of Investigation sent sketch artists to Brunswick, to aid in the investigation.

“We are aware there is some speculation being circulated throughout the rumor mill. However, let me assure you—as I previously indicated— that we are thoroughly investigating this case and we will not, I repeat, will not leave any stone unturned,” Rhodes said. He failed to elaborate on what “rumors” he was speaking of, and refused to state whether or not the mother is being looked at as a suspect. “We are not at liberty to discuss the intricacies of the investigation, as it could possibly damage it.”

Police have offered a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Photo: AP/CNN