Chief Keef has to be the most cost efficient rapper ever, as far as shooting visuals are concerned. Fresh out of custody of a juvenile detention center, the Chicago native drops another video live from a living room, appropriately titled “First Day Out.”

“I’m starting on my day with a blunt of h*rb,” is the first line to leave Keef’s lips on the track, which was inspired by a song from Gucci Mane Writings On the Wall mixtape, also titled “First Day Out.” Actually, the GBE representers verse is pretty much entirely inspired by the Bricksquad frontman, and can only be differentiated by his melodic style of rap.

The shots were directed by Ben Hughes, who captured footage of Chief Keef exiting the Chicago juvenile center after serving two months for a parole violation. From there, the viewer goes on a journey through a day in the life of the prolific artist, which doesn’t involve any complicated activity whatsoever.

Word of advice: Get someone to write a proper treatment for your next video. Please. Be on the look out for his Bang, Part 2 mixtape, which is coming soon. See more in “First Day Out” below.

Photo: YouTube

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