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Hugh Jackman has played Marvel’s “Wolverine” character in X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine and even caught a quick cameo in in X-Men: First Class. Will the latest film where he is the centerpiece, The Wolverine, be the home run we’ve been waiting for? From the looks of the movie’s new trailer we can say, just maybe. 

Logan is taking it back to Japan, and if you’re a follower of the comics, you know the country has been the setting of some of the Canadian’s most epic stories. The trailer features bullet trains, ninjas, a robotic samurai (!) and Wolverine’s adamantium claws being put to use. Thus, so far so good.

It seems like some dude who Logan saved back in the day wants to return the favor by somehow altering the X-Man’s healing powers. Good look with that.

The Wolverine is due in theaters July 26. Check out the first full trailer below. Also be sure to peep a teaser trailer the previously dropped on the next page.

Let us know if you think Marvel has another winner in the comments.

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