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RZA is basically telling the Dutch singer who is suing him to kick rocks. Late last year, Thea Van Siejaen filed a lawsuit alleging that the rapper, producer, actor and movie director owed her a significant amount of money in royalties and other payments.

Van Siejaen’s soulful vocal were featured on a number of songs on the RZA’s Digi Snacks solo album and The RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Resurrection soundtrack. She is reportedly suing for 14 songs (claiming that she co-wrote them), including RZA’s “Baby Boy” from the Jet Li film’s Unleashed soundtrack.

TMZ reports that the RZA believes that Van Siejaen has already received all the money she was due. According to paperwork the Wu-Tang Clan’s Abbot filed, he claims that Van Siejaen was a work-for-hire and not a songwriter on any of the music she appeared on. Thus, what she was already paid is all she is entitled to.

Also, RZA claims that he never promised Van Siejaen royalties or any additional payments for her work. At the time of the lawsuit’s initial filing, one of the producer’s reps said the situation was “a groundless lawsuit by someone RZA had helped get off the streets, lent a helping hand to, and now thinks he’s an easy target to mark looking for money.”

Bong bong.

Photo: TMZ/Facebook