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Timbaland is seeking a payout over a $1.8 million watch that allegedly went missing, but the company behind the expensive jewelry doesn’t believe his story. The super producer is being accused of committing insurance fraud to get a check.

Not that he needs the money, since his net worth is estimated at $75 million, but conflicting stories has the insurance company suspicious.

From TMZ:

TMZ broke the story … Timbaland filed a lawsuit against American Home Assurance Company claiming his 2-year-old daughter lost his Jacob & Co. watch bedazzled with 30 carats of diamonds … and the insurance company won’t ante up.

But in new legal docs … A.H.A.C. claims it doesn’t owe Timbaland a dime — claiming he’s been as slippery as a seal, lying like a rug. The insurance company claims:

— Timbaland bought the watch for $900,000 but insured it for TWICE the purchase price.

— Timbaland reported the watch stolen … but 4 months later claimed his daughter misplaced it.

— Everyone involved told a different story … the wife implicated another female, the assistant implicated the maid, the maid only copped to sleeping with Timbaland’s brother-in-law and the brother-in-law refused to cooperate. No one ever mentioned the daughter losing the watch, like Timbaland belatedly claimed.

The missing watch came during a hectic time for the Virginia native. His family believed that he was going to attempt suicide because he was upset over losing the watch. In August of 2010, the father of two went out for a drive and couldn’t be reached by family members. He was eventually found by police, and taken back to his home.

Days later he confirmed that he was distraught over the stolen watch, but had no intentions of taking his life.

Photo:  AP