Roc Marciano has a new title on his resume, besides ill rhyme lyricist and producer. Man Bites Dog Records announced today that the Long Island rapper is the label’s new Vice President and Director of A&R.

The indie label connects with the renowned indie artist in what hopes to be a fruitful partnership. Man Bites Dog will be releasing Roc Marci’s forthcoming Marci Beacoup project, which features guests artists getting busy over his production.  In his new role, Marciano, who has guested on a number of previous Man Bites Dog albums, will also continue to be featured on label releases. “You can count on some very dope guest spots from Roc on some of our newer projects coming out,” said R.M.L.

Man Bites Dog has dropped albums from Vast Aire (OX 2010), Copywrite (God Save The King) and MHz Legacy and more. This spring it plans to drop projects that include on EP from Eddie B. & Harry Fraud (Horsepower), a collaborative album from Illogic & Blockhead (Capture The Sun) and more.

The “Snow” rapper will be charged with signing new acts, providing guidance to artists and helping out on the marketing side of things, too. “He brings an ear for music to the table and I think that makes him an amazing judge of talent,” said R.M.L. “He knows what it takes to make classic material.”

Roc Marciano’s latest album, Reloaded, is in stores now. Besides Marci Beaucoup, the MC has at least four more projects he hopes to drop this year. Word.

Photo: Decon

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