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Dining with the President Obama has never been cheap, even if it’s not an election year. The commander in chief kicked off a $32,400-a plate fundraising brunch in Atherton, Calif. Thursday (April 4).

The brunch, supporting the Democratic National Committee, was held at the Northern California home of investment honcho, Mark W. Heising, and his wife, Liz Simons. Although the president is accused of downplaying the size of Heising and Simons’ home the hilltop residence is described as having “360 degree views.” There is also a vineyard, a swimming pool, “assorted gardens and patios,” and a bocce court, on the property.

Despite all of the unoccupied square footage, the area where the brunch was held has been described as “modest.” 30 people were in attendance, dinning on a menu that included fried quail eggs, citrus-covered salmon gravlax, Zuckerman’s Farm asparagus tips, and  Blackened Hibb’s smoked bacon crisps.

Much of what was said in the room is unknown, but guest Alen Levy of Seattle told the White House press corp, that he paid the hefty entrance fee because he’s “a very strong believer in the president and what he’s done.”

Aside from eating, the President gave a speech mentioning immigration reform and gun control. “I am very optimistic that we get immigration reform done in the next few months,” he said before calling the fight for adjusted gun laws “more difficult” to pass in Congress.

Throughout his political career Obama has raised over $1 billion in campaign money. Today’s brunch was the first fundraising event he’s attended outside of Washington D.C. since beginning his second term.


Photo: Seattle Pi