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When mentioning Clipse’s cannon of albums, many devoted fans of the Virginia brothers agree that Hell Hath No Fury is their greatest work to date. Pusha T revisited those days in the latest  episode of Life + Times series “Decoded,” where he broke down a verse from the haunting dope boy anthem “Keys Open Doors.”

Being that the project was spawned from the anguish of four years worth of label woes, the final result donned darker material that captured the duo’s temperament. Perhaps none did like the aforementioned track.

“We were in such a label tug-o-war. We had been through so much that it was times that my friends had forgot I was even a rapper,” began the G.O.O.D. Music MC. “In a sense of having a deal, and so on and so forth, we were doing so much things to stay afloat. And just being amongst the world and in the streets that people were like, ‘Damn, you do got a deal,’ but they didn’t understand like, ‘Why ain’t you coming out with no music?'”

Pusha Ton says this inspired him to write a verse capturing his inner conflicts, the largest of which was continuing to live the lifestyle of the glitz and glamour, despite not putting out any new material.

A lot has changed for Pusha, who’s now riding with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music clique and preparing his debut solo project My Name is My Name.

Hear him decoded that below, and see him explain his Wrath of Caine track “Doesn’t Matter” on the following page.

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