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Dear LL Cool J: “Accidental Racist” was a bad idea. But you knew that already.

By now you’ve probably heard that Uncle L released a terrible new collaboration with country star Brad Paisley called “Accidental Racist.” The name alone should’ve stopped the recording process, but who knows what convinced these guys to partake in the worst rap/country music collaboration to date.

Yes, “Accidental Racist” raises a lot of questions, but more than anything it’s a let down to Hip-Hop. Not that we were waiting on James Todd to revisit his “Rock the Bells” days, but when a man holds such a large chapter in the story or rap, he’s held to a higher standard.

For now, LL doesn’t look like he’s too beat up by the backlash, but he might want to have an obligatory public statement on deck… before Al Sharpton get’s an ear to this story.

Until that happens, take a look at some of the slanderous tweets about LL, the song, and everyone involved.

Plus a few responses from LL.

Photos: AP/Twitter


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