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With lyrics such as “I love your creamy yellow thighs,” and “ooh your slanted eyes,” it’s not hard to imagine why many audiophiles have been outraged about Day Above Ground‘s recent music video.

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We bet LL Cool J and Brad Paisley never thought “Accidental Racist” would get proverbially stoned by Hip-Hop fans, but as we’ve seen before, not all earnest efforts go over well. Just ask Rick Ross. Besides, that song was actually god awful.


Dear LL Cool J: “Accidental Racist” was a bad idea. But you knew that already.

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The Internets was on fire yesterday (April 8) after country music star Brad Paisley dropped his new song “Accidental Racist,” featuring veteran rapper-actor LL Cool J. Paisley shared in an upcoming print interview why he decided to release the controversial track, although it appears the West Virginia native is not necessarily an expert on race […]

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Rap-Country collaborations usually come far and in between, but when they do, they’re often the topic of conversation. This new track by country veteran Brad Paisley and Hip-Hop legend LL Cool J will be no different. Titled “Accidental Racist,” the song breaks down some of the societal stigmas and prejudices surrounding race, more specifically those […]