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Rap-Country collaborations usually come far and in between, but when they do, they’re often the topic of conversation. This new track by country veteran Brad Paisley and Hip-Hop legend LL Cool J will be no different. Titled “Accidental Racist,” the song breaks down some of the societal stigmas and prejudices surrounding race, more specifically those between Black and White people.

The discussion is both admirable and needed, but that didn’t stop it from being rather awkward at times. One moment comes during the chorus, on which Paisley sings “Cause I’m a white man livin’ in the southland/Just like you I’m more than what you see/I’m proud of where I’m from but not everything we’ve done.”

“Accidental Racist” will appear on the country crooner’s album Wheelhouse, which drops tomorrow, April 9.

This won’t be the last time fans see the two superstars collaborate, as Paisley is set to appear on Cool James‘s forthcoming album Authentic, releasing April 30. Hear the song, and see what the Queens rapper had to say about “Accidental Racist” in a recent interview below:

It’s going to get a lot of attention … and I’ll leave it at that ’cause I wanna let him talk about it. I don’t wanna spoil his thing on his album but we did something that was really cool. The song we did on my record, it’s not like I’m trying to do a gimmicky thing. It’s not like, ‘Oh the country meets the rapper and it’s a hoedown!’ It’s none of that. He’s a great singer. I let him sing on something that I felt he would sound cool on, and play the guitar as well because musicianship is a huge part of this record. I wanted great musicians on my album. Brad was a lot of fun in the studio. He’s playing the guitar.

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