With lyrics such as “I love your creamy yellow thighs,” and “ooh your slanted eyes,” it’s not hard to imagine why many audiophiles have been outraged about Day Above Ground‘s recent music video.

The flurry of negative criticism has blown up to immense proportions as the Los Angeles-based band’s new tune has angered the Asian and Asian-American community. After premiering “Asian Girlz” on YouTube last week, the ire was stoked as many believed the group capped off the summer with an offensive cherry on top of a racist-flavored sundae. For those unfamiliar with the Angry Asian Man blog, founder and editor Phil Yu stood behind his initial characterization of the video, saying, “It dehumanizes Asians and Asian women.”

The lyrics showcase a “sexist and racist” litany of Asian stereotypes and tropes that the band thinks that their audience can relate to. Within days, the video has received more than 1 million views and amassed more than 12,000 comments, and you guessed it, most of them are angry. As of writing this post, the band recently took down the post in hopes of salvaging their reputation, their careers, and possibly, their own safety.

While “Asian Girlz” certainly manages to peeve off a whole race of people, it’s not the only public offender. After starting off the summer with a country-rap song about having pride in the Confederacy, we’re looking to end 2013 no less racist than we began. How does this track rank against the most racist songs of all times? Have a listen at these 15 offenders, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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