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Mona Scott-Young, producer of VH1’s hit reality television series Love & Hip Hop, has enjoyed success with her shows along with heavy amounts of criticism. Scott-Young spoke with Hip-Hop Wired exclusively last month and addressed the doubters in straightforward fashion. However, she found herself on the defensive once more over the shows after an interview on Hot 97.

Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden and co-host K. Foxx welcomed Scott-Young to their studios, and the conversation turned a course after it was suggested that Love & Hip Hop is “ratchet” television. Scott-Young responded to Ebro’s critique, saying that her shows do not promote negative portrayals of African-Americans.

“It’s annoying, that the fact there were tons of these types of shows before Love & Hip Hop came around,” said Scott-Young. “That problem is, quote unquote, that this was an actual good show that was popular and that people tuned in to see [so] suddenly it’s garnering more attention.”

Scott-Young continued she’s not fazed by the comments and called it a matter of opinion. K. Foxx then asked if the producer has a responsibility to young people, especially women, who watch her shows.

“It is a big platform, there are a lot of young women tuning in to the show,” answered Scott-Young. “But like everything in life, those young women have choices. The women on the shows have choices. I don’t always agree with the choices that they make. I’m not here to pass judgment.”

Ebro did mention that Scott-Young provides mentoring services for her cast members, but she was clear in saying that she has a responsibility to keep her shows entertaining.

Check out the full interview in the clip below. Hop to the 10:20 mark if you want to hear the Love & Hip Hop discussion.

Photo: YouTube