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In Hip-Hop, and life in general, there are no do-overs. But LL Cool J is nevertheless doing his best to explain and support his slander inspiring “Accidental Racist” single with Country music artist Brad Paisley. Last night, Uncle L discussed the tune on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

From the “I’m Bad” rapper’s commentary, he has been listening to at least some of the criticism of the song, mainly that it makes light of racism.

“The song wasn’t perfect,” admitted LL to Leno. “You can’t fit 300 or 400 years of history in a three or four-minute song.”

LL was clear in that he couldn’t defend the song, but could explain some of his lyrics. One in particular was comparing a du-rag to the Confederate flag, which he adamantly said was not his intent.

“When you think about a kid like Trayvon Martin and you think about some of the things that happen in society based on clothing, when you put it in its proper context, it makes sense. I would never, ever, ever suggest to anyone that we should just forget slavery and act like that didn’t happen. I understand the systemic racism that exists, I get that. But you know what, if the playing field is unlevel and if you feel it’s unfair, then maybe putting down some of that baggage will help you make it up that hill a little easier.”

Watch the rest of the interview, where a very eloquent LL Cool J makes his case, below.

Let us know if the rapper/actor’s explanation changes your mind about the song, or if you’re not buying what he’s selling, in the comments.

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