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Azealia Banks has put yet another nail in the coffin of her friendship with A$AP Rocky.

Because she loves Twitter so much (her words, not ours) the Yung Rapunxel used the site to detail Rock’ys alleged intimate encounter with another man–but this time, A$AP Mob member, A$AP Nast, got involved.

Nast caught wind of Banks’ Twitter slander and called her a “rat.” She pretty much laughed off the jab by saying that he was in “special ed,” saving the real shots for the A$AP frontman himself. “Rocky used to get his d-ck sucked by this dude named Kenneth in Harlem,” she wrote.

If it seems like her intentions were to hurt the 24-year-old, that’s not the case. According to Banks, she’s just trying to encourage him to be honest about his s*xuality. “I don’t know why he’s ashamed to just be himself. I mean he wears dresses and gives makeup tips…. Just come out! Be FREEEEEE.”

The now full-grown beef between Banks and Rocky started after he made a comment that women of a darker complexion shouldn’t wear red lipstick.

It doesn’t look like these two will be making peace anytime soon.

See some of Banks and Nast’s tweets below.


Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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