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Last fall, the rumor mill was abuzz with talks that Jamie Foxx would appear in the sequel to last year’s The Amazing Spider-Man franchise reboot. A series of photos featuring the actor and singer dressed as Spidey’s arch nemesis Electro have been leaked to the Internets, and we have to admit it looks pretty cool.

The Daily Mail caught several snaps of Foxx in costume walking around Times Square as Maxwell Dillon, an electrical engineer who becomes mutated after a freak lightning accident. Becoming the super villain Electro, the character is known as one of Spider-Man’s most frequent and feared enemies in the Marvel Comics franchise. Back in the day, Electro’s getup was a little zany in print but the film version renders Foxx’s skin an electric blue. With burn scars and discolored eyes, Electro looks menacing and Foxx is nearly unrecognizable in makeup.

Savvy fans knew that Electro would be the next villain to pop up in the film series; this after a bonus scene from the first movie featured The Lizard and a lot of lightning. Foxx admitted to the Mail that he was a fan of the comic books, but didn’t reveal any other choice details. He also expressed gratitude for the role, saying that his star turn in Django Unchained landed him the gig.

“I’m going to keep it close to the chest but I followed the Spider-Man comic books,” said Foxx. “It’s another testament to Quentin Tarantino because without Django, I wouldn’t be doing Spider-Man.”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from director Marc Webb hits theaters in 2014.

Check out photos from the set on the following pages.

Photos: Bank/WireImage

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