Nelson Mandela has been ill as of late, which may contribute to the ongoing battle for control of his fortune. One of Mandela’s granddaughters is accusing his longtime friend of  lying on the family, to maintain a grip on the 94-year-old’s companies.

Tukwini Mandela slammed attorney George Bizos for allegedly  telling “blatant lies” about her family. She aired out her grievances in an open letter to the Assocaited Press. “Please have the decency to behave as an elder if you care for my grandfather and his name, which catapulted you into undeserved stardom.” she wrote.

The lawyer represented Mr. Mandela during his fight against apartheid, and is the director of Harmonieux Investment Holdings, and Magnifique Investment Holdings. The companies earn funds selling the former South African president’s artwork, to help support his family.

Bizos claims that Tukwini’s mother, Makazie, wants to get her hands on $1.3 million of the money, but gave no explanation as to how it will be used.

“This woman wanted to take over the money, not for any specific purpose, and distribute it to members of the family,” he said. “That is contrary to the provisions of the trust. Therefore we refused to give her the money.”

Makazie and her other daughter, Zenani, have since filed a court claim against Bizos.

Photo: AP



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