Devoted fans  of the late, great J Dilla have heard just about every piece of music the Detroit producer has recorded. Earlier this year, however, listeners got an audio teaser from Dilla Dawg featuring longtime collaborators Frank-N-Dank with “Anthem.” Now with the single officially dropping this week, the B-side, “Trucks,” has leaked to the Internets and features production from Dilla himself. 

A low-quality, unmixed version of “Trucks” was found on the bootlegged Pay Jay album back in 2008, which was supposed to be released on MCA Records in the early 2000s featuring production from Dilla’s favorite producers. The rebooted single  is mastered and mixed by engineer Dave Cooley, who previously worked with Dilla. The results are a danceable, 80s-tinged track inspired by English singer Gary Numan’s synthesizer-heavy “Cars” track.

Dilla’s bars play the back as he displays some of his undervalued keyboard wizardry, but he still flips some flossy lyrics while talking up his truck’s booming system. A press release gives further details.

From the press release:

J Dilla recorded “Trucks” in December 2001-February 2002 at Studio A, Detroit, MI. An unmastered MP3 version which leaked in 2008 has been heard by countless Dilla followers. This is the first time the mixed & mastered track has been heard. It was just released on J Dilla’s “Anthem” 12-inch, the first official release from J Dilla’s long lost vocal album, The Diary, coming next year on PayJay Productions.

For those who want to cop the single, head over to right now. Listen to “Trucks” below.

Photo: Johnny Tergo

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