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One VH1 reality show vixen bestowed knowledge upon another. Joseline Hernandez, known as the loose lipped lover of Stevie J on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta checked in with Stevie on Hot 97’s Morning Show with Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg, The Gossip Game star K. Foxx and Ebro. K. Foxx, being new to the reality pool, asked Joseline for a few tips on how to be more aggressive. She definitely had advice on that.

“What am I doing wrong on the Gossip Game?” K. Foxx asked Hernandez, explaining this is her first reality show and that she’s a nice person and has trouble cursing people out. “F–k all that,” Hernandez says. “If a b-tch come up in your face askin’ you anything – first of all, you supposed to be the boss K. Foxx. You been in the game for a long time. These ratchet h0es mean nothing.” Well then.

She also added, “They all sloppy,” in reference to The Gossip Game’s cast, except for K. Foxx. “And just nasty. Get they @ss in the gym.”

While K. Foxx wasn’t exactly down for the cause to come snatching wigs on her new TV show, Hernandez gladly offered her services, saying she’ll be the muscle and “smack a b–ch” for K. Foxx. Stevie J of course chimed in and said it would be “for a small fee.” Always the businessman. Check out the interview below to visually witness the ratchetness.

Photo: YouTube