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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J hit The Breakfast Club and the interview took a while to start. Why? Because Charlamagne Da God was demanding to see Hernandez’s va-jay-jay in order to prove that she’s not a man. 

Umm, s-xism much?

Hernandez didn’t back down from Charlamagne’s taunts and promptly returned fire. She was dismissive of the radio hosts slander until he told Stevie J that she was never going to “take off” as a musician.

“I joke around with you a lot, Charla-ugly, but I’ma explain something to you,” she said. “My music I take it very seriously, very, very seriously. I know for a fact that I’m very talented and I bring something different to the table. My tone is different. When you hear my music, it’s like okay that’s Joseline. That’s exactly how she talks, that’s how she is. My music is great, I’m telling you peoples [sic] is going to love it.”

However, when it came to know music having been released, Stevie J blamed it on “timing.”

“I’m not going to just put nothing out,” said the former Bad Boy Hitman. “I been making music my whole life and if I feel an artist isn’t ready to come out until they ready I’m not going to put it out because  I got my name at stake as well.”

Check the rest of the interview below to see Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez talk Benzino, having threesomes, whether or not Stevie J is gay and more.

Photo: Power 105.1