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One is dead (Tamerlan Tsarnaev), the other is in the hospital (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev), but various questions remain about the brothers that bombed the Boston Marathon and shut down the city while authorities pursued the latter. Photos of the suspects shoot out with police that left one fatally wounded and the other hiding out in a boat have been revealed.

A man Andrew Kitzenberg lives on Laurel Street, in Watertown, Mass. and the shootout occurred just outside his window. With his iPhone, he snapped pictures and provided a detailed description of what went down over at OhHand.

On Thursday night [Friday morning] at 12:45am EST.  I was in my living room working on my computer when I heard multiple “pops” coming from outside.  At that point, I had no idea that I was about to become an eye witness to the biggest news story in the country.

When I looked outside my window, I could clearly see two people (the Tsarnaev brothers) taking cover behind an SUV and engaging in gunfire. After witnessing shots being fired I promptly ran up the stairs to my 3rd floor bedroom to distance myself a little further away from the gunfire. As I ran into my room, overwhelmed by shock, adrenaline, and curiosity, I jumped onto my bed to stay below the windows but also have a clear view at the shooters and photograph the event. As soon as I was laying safely on my bed I started taking pictures with my iPhone 5 and captured the following images that documented the terrifying shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers, which then led to an overnight citywide manhunt.

Check out photos of the shootout, the items in red circles are the pressure cooker bombs they hurled at the cops, in the gallery.

Photos: Andrew Kitzenberg, Barcroft Media

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