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A soldier in Manicaland, Zimbabwe ran into a rough four days when he was kidnapped by an all female gang that had their way with him, repeatedly. The 25-year-old victim fell into the women’s trap on April 19, after they, and another male, picked him up in a Mercedez Benz.

The man was allegedly offered a lift to the city of Miutare and realized he had been duped when the car eventually diverted from the route. He asked to be dropped off and was met with a knife. “The complainant asked where they were heading to and they told him they were going to get some food,” said Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean. “The soldier requested to be dropped, but the driver produced a knife and threatened him with it. One of the female passengers blindfolded the complainant with a black cloth.”

Rather than reaching his destination, the now blindfolded man was driven to a house. Once there he was robbed for $35, and had his cellphone stolen, before his clothes were ripped off. He was s-xually assaulted until April 23, when he was blindfolded yet again and dropped off in the Dangamvura Mountains, where the women threw stones at his left foot, before leaving him there.

The soldier was able to maintain consciousness and filed a report with authorities, who are investigating.

Women have been known to r@pe men in the country–usually to steal and sell their sperm to Ghana and Nigeria. In 2011 three women went to trial for giving a man a ride, throwing water in his face, and injecting the victim with “something” that gave him a “strong s-xual desire.” He was made to have intercourse with all three women in the car, before they threw him out naked. Authorities charged the trio with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault (because a female r@ping a man is not recognized in the country). The suspects were busted after 31 used condoms were found in their vehicle. They denied the assault, claiming to be prostitutes who were too busy to dispose of the contraceptives.

Photo: SABC