3. Director Baz Luhrmann used ‘N****s in Paris’ for a wild party scene in The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald coined the phrase ‘The Jazz Age’ in his epic novel, and Baz Luhrmann merged the classic feel with the modern stylings of today’s music. The filmmaker admitted that a wild party scene (appropriately dubbed “the 0rgy scene”) between Isla Fisher, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, and a group of other characters needed a push to get the debauchery a-flowing. He said, “We were about 20 minutes away from wrapping and we still hadn’t gotten that kind of wild party feel. The idea of having a wild party was inspired by a book that Leo’s father gave me called The Wild Party.” After being playfully chided by Tobey (“I’m married with children. Don’t go too far.”), Baz turned off the jazz music and began to blast “NIP” at ignorant levels.

Apparently that was just the flow the cast needed to create a hectic, gaudy, erotic-filled party scene. You can watch the filmmaker talk about the visceral nature of The Great Gatsby below:

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