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Quintin Cedeno was a popular administrator at the High School of Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, New York.

Some saw him as a father figure while others a leader, but to a select few, he was the man who’s sexual urges they had to quell.

After only working in the education field for six years, the goal-oriented principal is searching for a new job while combating what seems to be impending legal doom after it was confirmed that he held several sexually-based relationships with numerous male members of his student body.

Allegations of Cedeno’s misdeeds stem from the confession of a 15-year-old student that told his guidance counselor of an instance where the 33-year-old man attempted to solicit him for oral sex.

That counselor notified local authorities, opening the proverbial floodgates for others that had been wronged by the middle-aged pervert.

The same student received over 100 text messages from Cedeno, including one that read:

“All I did for you and you don’t want to do for me. You’ve had a very easy ride so far. If everything stops then it all stops,” on a T-Mobile Sidekick cellular device that Cedeno purchased for him.

Other students have attested to the professional wrongdoing of their principal with several claiming that he fondled their genitals, and one student claiming that Cedeno promised to buy him whatever he wanted if he would let him give him oral sex.

For his defense the jobless ex-educator told investigators that any reference or gesture made toward the genitals of any student was meant to serve as a joke and that he never purchased gifts for nor attempted to initiate sexual acts with any minor at his former school.

Prior to his firing, Cedeno earned $140,074 annually.

He has yet to render an explanation for call records showing that he made 37 calls to one student in particular between the months of November and September in which a call was placed at 9:41 p.m. that lasted a total of 82 minutes.

That same student was also sent 126 text messages.