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Kanye West didn’t create Graduation or “Jesus Walks” for y’all to slander his queen like this. On Monday night, Yeezy’s date, Kim Kardashian, wore a Givenchy dress to the Met Ball and she got plenty of attention, just not the kind she wanted. It wasn’t Kim K’s added size (she is pregnant after all), that led to the slander, but of the omniscience of all the flowers on that dress that likened it to sofa fabric sure did.

The Internets was swift to clown, with photoshopped photos likening her to a couch popping up almost immediately. But that was only the beginning. Social media never shows any chill, and the photos and memes have been hilarious, unfortunately at Kardashian and West’s expense.

To be clear, we are not condoning the making fun of Kardashian’s weight. That is tacky because she is preggers, you jerks. However, you gotta admit, the matching gloves and floral print of that Givenchy dress was too much not to crack jokes about. Even Robin Williams got in on the act.

Peep the 10 Most Slanderous Kim Kardashian Struggle Dress Memes in the gallery.

Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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