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Everyone remembers the fiasco involving Buzzfeed’s Beyoncé photos at the Super Bowl this year, ultimately launching a ban on all performance photos from the singer’s camp. Well, the media is striking back, explaining that this boycott could do more harm than good for the superstar Mrs. Carter.Poynter reports that the National Press Photographers Association penned a letter to Beyoncé’s publicity firm Schure Media Group. The letter, written by the NPPA’s attorney Mickey H. Osterreicher, urged the PR firm to reconsider this drastic measure, stating that “removing the ban will help, not harm, [Beyoncé’s] image in the long run.” Organizations like the Associated Press Media Editors Association, the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Society of Media Photographers were all represented in the letter.

Poynter notes that during this time, media outlets are being forced to use older action shots of Bey on stage – the very flicks that she and her team were horrified by previously. It’s a Catch-22 whether not allowing any new photography will mean poorly angled photos.

Plus, nothing is more unattractive than a shaky iPhone picture taken at a 45-degree angle. Time to reconsider this mess, King Bey.

Also, the R&B and Pop diva recently cancelled a Belgium show under orders from her doctor, which will surely only lead to more Beyoncé is pregnant chatter.

Photo: Reuters