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MSNBC’s Touré braved the set of The Combat Jack Show for a second time after an appearance last year was said to be off the charts. This time, the author and television host sat down with the #Newmanati crew as they dished about Touré’s book on Prince, discussed writing Nas’ upcoming autobiography and defended his Blackness.

Touré apparently enjoyed his first visit on the show also, saying that it was like “walking in on an ill barbershop conversation.”  But what really kicked the show off was Touré throwing several verbal shots at Combat Jack’s Premium Pete.

“You know what I love about this show? That there’s three strong, intelligent brothers and one mentally handicapped White guy,” snapped Touré. “The vision of the world that you’re presenting that we have strong, intelligent Black men [that’s] funny, witty, doing their thing, and Unleaded Pete is like ‘wow.’”

The insults continue for a brief bit, but the topic quickly switched to Touré talking up Prince and why he made the artist the focus of his I Would Die 4 U book and also working with Nas. The hosts debated with Touré’s reverence of the iconic Minneapolis artist and his unauthorized accounts in the book.

“I’m doing Nas’ autobiography, we are working on that right now,” shared Touré.  “We’ve been talking two years, that’s authorized. That’s Nas’ book.”

Check out the entire interview below. Hop to the 17:30 for Touré’s portion. Hop to the 38:09 to hear more about the book with Nas. Hit the next page to see a photo of fast friends Touré and Premium Pete being all chummy.

Photo: The Combat Jack Show

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