Music streaming via the Web and smartphones has become big business for companies such as Spotify and Rdio, just a couple of the entities vying for dominance in the marketplace. The space just got a little more crowded as tech giant Google unveiled its new streaming service, All Access, yesterday (May 15). 

Although Google already launched its free Play Music system back in the fall of 2011, the beefed up version of its service hopes to take things to a new level. Presented on the opening day of its annual I/O developer Conference in San Francisco, the question is does All Access have what it takes to compete?

As part of the Google Play Music system, All Access is a paid-subscription service using a vast music catalog that can be combined with the personal libraries of current Play Music users. With the introduction of any new tool or service, there are certain bells and whistles that need highlighting.

Hip-Hop Wired looks at six features of All Access that you should know about. Read on.

Photos: Google

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