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There is no Hip-Hop collective as revered, or as influential, as Native Tongues (or just “Native Tongue”).* Anchored by The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, with many other members, you can find their DNA in plenty of today’s rap acts.

Thanks to certified classic albums like Tribe’s The Low End Theory, The JBs’ Straight Out The Jungle or De La’s 3 Feet High & Rising, the clique’s brainy, sometimes righteous, sometimes esoteric, always on point lyricism made them fan favorites. They were fresh alternatives to say the hood nihilism of N.W.A, or the harsh bravado of L.L. Cool J when he wasn’t doing love songs, that a legion of Hip-Hop heads identified with. Artists like Kanye West, Drake and even Jay-Z (see: “22 Twos”), owe a debt to the seminal Hip-H0p crew.

But like all great nations, Native Tongues had their run and are elder statesmen in the game that too often glosses over the architects to focus on the now. Nevertheless, there are plenty of team members that still make music that thumps. Check out what all the members of Native Tongues crew are up to right now in the following pages.

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*Of course the Juice Crew and Wu-Tang Clan, and even Organized Noize, have a case. We already did a Where Are The Now? on the Juice Crew, right here.

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