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Fans were elated after receiving news of Goodie Mob’s plans to create another album. But that was last year, and since then, there’s been little indication that Age Against the Machine would release anytime soon. That changed last night, when Cee-Lo Green refueled expectations for the project by announcing an official release date at the Billboard Music Awards.

The Goodie Mob LP is actually a small portion of what the Atlanta native is working on musically. Green spoke on the likelihood that he would return to judge The Voice, before revealing that Age Against the Machine “will be out later in the year. I think August 27.”

On top of that, he plans to release a new solo album, a Gnarls Barkley project, and to go on a tour that connects all three brands. He also has a collaboration with Janelle Monáe on her new album The Electric Lady, due out this fall.

Believing is seeing, so we understand if you reserve your excitement. Besides, tons of artists have reached Detox status. Let’s hope that Goodie Mob won’t fall under that category.

Hear Green speak in the interview below.

Photo: YouTube