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“The Ghost of Rich Porter, the hustle.”

With only 7 days left until the release of Jim Jones’ newest mixtape, The Ghost of Rich Porter, the rapper is looking to his stomping grounds of Harlem for inspiration and to tell another story.

Similar to Harlem’s American Gangster, Jones builds momentum from the drug world surging through Harlem and this time places focus on Harlem drug kingpin Rich Porter, who was portrayed in Paid In Full back in 2002.

Hip Hop fans be on the lookout on January 19, Jim Jones has a story to tell.

“The past few months I’ve been working on this mixtape/album.  I got like 40 to 50 songs and things like that.  I been breaking them down.  Got some good material, some good product that I’m about to put on the streets.  It’s the soundtrack to the streets.  I’m just a reporter.”