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A Texas man was arrested on a robbery charge for allegedly yelling that he had AIDS and threatened to bite a security guard. The 34-year-old was busted stealing from a local Sears Tuesday (June 4).

According to the incident report an officer arrived at the store located inside the Lufkin Mall, at around 1: 33 p.m. As the officer approached she saw a several people wrestling a handcuffed man, Christopher Lee Carr.

The suspect was caught on camera  stealing six ratchets sets, worth $218.94. Carr tried to leave the store with the tools hidden in a bag, but started fighting with two security guards who tried to thwart his thievery.

The Lufkin Mall police officer witnessed Carr pull the AIDS card. “While she was trying to subdue the subject, who has a lengthy criminal history for theft, Carr yelled at her that he has AIDS and began barking and trying to bite [the security supervisor],” the report reads.

After being handcuffed Carr was taken into custody. He also was serious about his health status. “Carr is in fact HIV positive at his own admission.”

Carr remains at the Angelina County jail on second-degree felony robbery. The charge was upped for trying to bite the security guard and the potential exchange of bodily fluid, which could’ve resulted in bodily injury.