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Marlon Wayans has been around long enough to have seen and met some interesting people. One person in particular was Tupac Shakur, who he starred with in street basketball film Above The Rim. The Wayans brother had some interesting commentary about the late actor and rapper. 

The Urban Daily caught up with Wayans, who described Shakur on set (they shared a trailer):

“He literally smoked California,” Wayans told  I didn’t smoke but it was like living in a blunt. What people don’t know about Pac is that he wasn’t a gangster. He had these really soft hands, I used to call him the “Palmolive Thug.” His hands were so soft I’d ask him who he was punching with those chick hands. And he had these Snuffaluffagus eyelashes. He was a tough ass thug with sweet ass eyelashes.”

Yes, you can assume that Wayans said all this in jest, and he had plenty more to share. Check out the full video interview over at The Urban Daily.

Photo: The Urban Daily