Four  men were indicted Tuesday (June 10) in a Portland child p-rnography case involving a 12-year-old girl. Police were tipped off to the suspects after a teacher saw video of the assault on a student’s Facebook page.

A group of men allegedly filmed themselves having intercourse with two youngsters on May 19. Police believe one of the suspects belongs to the street gang Unthank Park Hustlers.

Students at Centennial Middle School viewed the footage featuring two girls, but details behind the second victim are unknown. “It made me sick to think there are guys that old out there, encouraging that kind of behavior,” guidance counselor David Qualheim said.

Once the video went online, officials were contacted and made additional arrests last week. Two men– 20-year-old Cedrell Washington and 22-year-old Deshawn Rogers–were taken into custody in May. The others, Nicholas Clisby, 23, and Terry Scott, 18, were arrest ed last Thursday (June 6).

The men each face different charges including r@pe, endangering the welfare of a minor, encouraging child s*x abuse, and using a child in display of s*xually explicit conduct.

Washington and Rogers have pleaded not guilty.

In the state of Oregon s*xual activity with a child under the age of 14 is considered r@pe regardless of consent.

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