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If you’ve been following J. Cole’s recent interviews or social media feeds, chances are that you’re familiar with his concept of “new legends.” For those who aren’t, the premise centers around individuals who refuse to believe that any up and comer will be greater than those already heralded as greats.

It’s an interesting thought to consider. To our Jay-Z stans, let someone say that a certain Compton rapper is better than your beloved Hova. How would you react? Hilariously enough, we can hear your hearts palpitating at the sheer thought of this question from way over here.

In any case, every dog has its day. Rakim grabbed the torch from artists like Run-DMC. Next in line were Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and the like. It’s been a reoccurring cycle — one that’s actually happening as this is typed.

Dare we say that there are 10 young MCs (maybe more) that can out rap some of your all time favorites right now. We won’t say who they’re better than. That isn’t what this list is for. Know that there is validity to our selections, though.

See those below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Sharone Poole

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