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Jay-Z’s hustle is unfukkwitable. Unlike a lot of these struggle rappers out today who will squander their bread and opportunities on drugs and fake jewels, and will be starring in shatty reality shows to make ends meet in a few years, Jay-Z has matriculated from the block to the boardroom.

In the process he’s become arguably the most successful rap mogul to date. And, as proven by his recent power moves, there is no slowing down Jay’s ability to generate mega bucks. But, there is still so much more to be accomplished for the Black Warren Buffett. Sure, Jay has dabbled in dope selling, rapping, publishing, being a label exec, books, B movies, shoes, clothes, phones, sports teams, sports agency, clubs and websites (catches breath), but there are still a few business ventures and jobs we think Hov hasn’t thought about yet.

Here are 7 other gigs and business come ups that Jay should consider adding to his portfolio…

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