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Overall, the problem with creating a sequel is trying to make sure that it can match or surpass its predecessor.

With Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, trying to outdo the classic debut in 1995 made fans hesitant and skeptical of Raekwon, but he was able to pull it off.

Back together, Capone N Noreaga are taking it back to the beginnings and are trying to create their own sequel to their debut album The War Report.

Clearly such a task would have any artist going back to the drawing board to ensure that all faults are corrected and CNN is no different as they actually had to scrap their original idea for The War Report 2.

Speaking with MTV, N.O.R.E. opened up about the upcoming project and let fans know what the initial plan was for the sequel.

“We was actually calling it Report The War. We was gonna do all the songs [from The War Report] in a backwards order. Like call a song ‘Money Blood’ instead of ‘Bloody Money.’ Instead of ‘Illegal Life,’ we would do ‘Life Illegal,’ so on and so forth. It was gonna be everything but backwards. Then what happened was, as we started to record for The War Report 2, I didn’t want to force it. I didn’t want to force calling a record ‘Money Blood’ if it wasn’t that.”

Studio sessions, thankfully, were able to change their minds quickly as everything seemed to be flowing away from that direction, but it was flowing in a way that seemed natural and was the best fit.  Instead of trying to stick with the original script, why not just make some revisions?

“You don’t really go to the ocean and see how pretty it is and say ‘Yo the waves is flowing this way, but you know what, I wanna try and force the waves to go this way.’  You don’t do that, you just appreciate it for what it is.”

Well, it’s a good thing that another spur of inspiration was able to come.  Not sure exactly how people would react to “Bone Capone” or “Seat Driver’s”.  Probably wouldn’t have panned out too much in CNN’s favor.