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On the Internet—and especially Twitter—there are no “do overs” and “take backs.” A number of notable rappers, including Meek Mill, Action Bronson and Macklemore, were reminded of this when some of their tweets from a few years ago that spit in the face of their current alliances were retweeted last night.

SargeWP liberally RT’d messages that included Action Bronson dissing Eminem or Meek Mill praising the merits of 50 Cent while clowning Rick Ross, for example. Yeah, opinions changes like seasons—as well as with the help of strategic alliances—but it was interesting to see just how far some of the artists have come.

No one really dropped enough slander to merit a strong talking to by their current rap benefactors, but it was still funny. Wiz Khalifa thought Kanye West dropped the ball on Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video, Trinidad Jame$ wanted to murk Nicki Minaj (while Frank Ocean questioned how she got her record deal) and a lot of rappers don’t fux with Wale musically.

Check out some of the most damning messages in the gallery.

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