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Jay-Z won the award for most elaborate new album roll out somewhere between the scavenger hunt for Magna Carta Holy Grail’s tracklisting, and posting a copy of the album cover next to a page from the actual Magna Carta. Thanks to Hova’s breadcrumbs, we have a pretty good understanding of what to expect, despite the release of little, if any, actual music.

With less than 24 hours to go before the album is available to Samsung Galaxy users that downloaded the Magna Carta app, we decided to compile what we do now about the rapper/mogul’s 12th album. For example, thanks to Instagram we got some solid leads as to who actually contributes rhymes to the project, and despite trying to remain tight lipped, artists couldn’t help but divulge details in some of their interviews.

Check out what we know about Magna Carta Holy Grail on the following pages.

UPDATE: Jigga previews “Tom Ford” in the latest Samsuung commercial below.

Photo: YouTube

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