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Jay-Z was tweeting today. And no, he wasn’t hacked. 

The “Picasso Baby” rapper started @’ing a couple of people on Twitter (including the writer of this story), which quickly snowballed into a straight up question and answer session. Hova insisted that he was the man behind the tweets, using the hashtags #mylaugh and #factsonly, which inevitable started trending.

Jigga was clearly amused by the jokes, even responding to the question, “Memphis Bleek is running Jay-Z’s Twitter right now or nah?,” from user @Skighwalker with “[you ARE worthy].”

He also answered inquiries about songs from the just released Magna Carta Holy Grail, including the inspiration behind “Oceans” and “Heaven. “RT @IgnantTone what was the inspiration behind “Oceans” & “Heaven”? [When 140 ain’t enough] #factsonly Columbus didn’t discover America,” he tweeted. See, that explains the “so is lying about American history but, I def digress” quip. Cipher complete.

Let’s try not to expose the thirst when looking for response from Hova, though.

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be available via iTunes tomorrow. Check out some of the best of Jay-Z’s flurry of tweets in the following pages.

Photo: Roc Nation

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