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Monday night (July 15), CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 snagged an exclusive interview with one of the jurors from the George Zimmerman trial. Juror B37, the first of the jurors to come forward, offered numerous jaw-dropping tidbits during her chat with the cable network. 

At points during the interview, Juror B37 appeared to show a slight reverence for Zimmerman and said she would trust the night watchman to return to his former post. Although she sounded nervous and unsure at times, the juror appeared to be satisfied with her role in one of the nation’s most explosive cases. She also made a few questionable career decisions ahead of the chat – which later got shut down. More on that below.

Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at 10 things we learned about Juror B37 after her appearance on CNN.

Photos: CNN

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