We all know who's been beefing with Nicki for the past few years, so we know who that dart was meant for, but apparently Anderson Cooper doesn't keep up with the latest drama in Hip-Hop culture. 


The CNN host took a jab at the defiant President Donald Trump, calling him an "obese turtle in the process.


West, a philosophy professor at Harvard University, was a guest on Cooper's CNN program and promoted a message of love while protests and outrage still persist.


When it comes to telling it like it is, famed film director Spike Lee doesn’t bite his tongue for no one. During an interview CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Lee touched on race, slavery, the press and the orange menace Donald Trump and he let the so-called President know how he really feels.

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Donald Trump has catapulted to the front of the GOP presidential race mostly by stoking the fires of xenophobia and fear among American citizens regarding Islam and Muslims. The business mogul doubled down with his anti-Islamic rhetoric once more in a discussion with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday.

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Spike Lee has never been shy about sharing his opinion of how Black people are treated in America, and his latest comments prove this. While sitting with CNN host Anderson Cooper, the famed director suggests that there is a war on Black men across the nation.

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Monday night (July 15), CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 snagged an exclusive interview with one of the jurors from the George Zimmerman trial. Juror B37, the first of the jurors to come forward, offered numerous jaw-dropping tidbits during her chat with the cable network. 

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Juror B37 partially appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday (July 15) night. The elusive member of the all female group that found George Zimmerman not guilty for shooting Trayvon Martin, vaguely explained what swayed her vote, and race was not involved.

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Beyoncé may be the biggest female star in the music game, but when she’s home with Blue Ivy, she’s just mommy. The 31-year-old made an appearance on Anderson’s Cooper’s talk show earlier in the week, and gushed about all things Blue—including changing diapers which is among her most favorite activities. “I love changing diapers,” she said. […]

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I’m not even going to lie, this is slightly embarrassing. Do you ever watch something on the internet (or most likely WSHH) so ratchet you quietly think to yourself, “man, I really hope no white people saw this?” Well, you’re out of luck if this was one the videos that did that to you. Yesterday […]