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This is a story all too familiar for brothers in the hood. Last night (July 16), Nipsey Hussle was in the Liemert Park section of Los Angeles at a rally for Trayvon Martin when cops handcuffed him under suspicion that he was packing a gun. However, when the authorities searched him they discovered the rapper didn’t have a firearm on his person. 

TMZ reports:

Cops came down on rapper Nipsey Hussle in a big way Tuesday night in the middle of a Trayvon Martin protest rally … handcuffing him after suspecting he was brandishing a gun.

Law enforcement sources tell us … LAPD cops saw Nipsey doing something that made them believe he was walking around with a firearm. They descended on the rapper and cuffed him, but quickly determined he did NOT have a gun and they let him go.

It’s unclear if Hussle was part of the rally, which took place in Leimert Park — the scene of violence the night before.

At least the cops didn’t shoot first and ask questions later, which has been known to happen many, many times. Interesting, Hussle doesn’t think he and his crew were racially profiled.

Peep what he had to say about the overzealous cops right here.

Photo: TMZ