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Now this is brilliant. Cameras were rolling as the always entertaining Action Bronson took his talents to St. Hilda’s — a nursing home in the United Kingdom — for an impromptu performance.

Thank the good folks at Noisey for facilitating this hilarious exchange during one of the Queen rapper’s recent travels across the pond. An unsuspecting group of elderly onlookers looked genuinely vexed as Bronson performed his Saab Stories heater “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.”

The XXL Freshman walked away with confidence, but his geriatric audience weren’t pleased; they gave him an average score of 5.2. Ouch.

Fortunately for Bronsolino, most of their opinions were based on the fact that they weren’t fans of Hip-Hop. One woman even called him handsome to lighten the blow if that counts for anything.

In any case, you’ll be sure to laugh at this visual. See it below.

Photo: YouTube