VICE is planning to shutter its award-winning original news division in conjunction with a huge round of layoffs. The news was relayed by their CEO, Bruce Dixon in a company-wide memo.


Aside from getting into the history of the grails, the documentary will also highlight the dark side of the sneaker game including the fact that Nike continues to produce limited amounts of highly coveted sneakers which in turns leads to violence and even death. This is a complaint that sneakerheads have been echoing for more than a decade, but that Nike seems reluctant to address in the name of exclusiveness. 


Drake is, without question, one of the most influential music stars across all genres and that influence has reaped heavy benefits for his hometown of Toronto. According to a new report, Drake’s fame and presence across the Canadian city could be contributing to its $8.8 billion tourism industry.

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Kanye West once told the crew of Hot 97 “he doesn’t do reality TV,” but he does intend to make his presence felt in the acting world a lot more.

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The wait is almost over. Action Bronson’s long-awaited debut Mr. Wonderful arrives on March 24, and here’s the artwork to prove it.

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The success of the Chiraq documentary series prompted Noisey to capture a side of another musical hotbed, Atlanta, not often documented outside of the booth.

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Action Bronson’s long awaited and much anticipated food show debuts today in a mouthwatering first episode, complete with so many fixings.

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Action Bronson was an adept gourmet chef in his former life and the Flushing, Queens rapper is renown for inserting various cooking metaphors in nearly all his raps (i.e. 2011’s Well-Done). So it’s with great delight he’s finally found someone to pay him to star in his own cooking series, which would be Vice via […]

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Rick Ross has dealt with a few controversial moments in the media that he’s most certainly trying to move past. However, a journalist claims that the Maybach Music Group boss shut down their interview over the “U.O.E.N.O.” date rape lyric controversy and the rapper being dropped from Reebok.

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On October 29, Linkin Park will debut Recharged, an album comprised of remixed track from Living Things. The group delivers a sampling of what’s to come via their “I’ll Be Gone (Remix),” featuring Pusha T.

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Every year during Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts flock to South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach for the popular “Black Bike Week” event. The good folks over at VICE profiled the annual motorbike and big booty pilgrimage, with plenty of sights and sounds to boot.

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Noisey is bringing back their hilarious “Back and Forth” series following last year’s NSFW exchange between A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown. The former will actually host this reboot, which we receive a preview of courtesy of a teaser trailer.