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Action Bronson was an adept gourmet chef in his former life and the Flushing, Queens rapper is renown for inserting various cooking metaphors in nearly all his raps (i.e. 2011’s Well-Done). So it’s with great delight he’s finally found someone to pay him to star in his own cooking series, which would be Vice via their cooking channel, Munchies.

Of course, the always articulate MC had to add his trademark flair to the title alone, as it will be named F*ck, That’s Delicious.

In the sneak peek of Bronson’s upcoming “eat, rap, life” documentary series, he admits “he could probably do this with his eyes closed,” in reference to cooking up prime rib, quinoa, beef brisket and whatever other treats spring up in his cookbook. Most of the initial footage was shot while out in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa during Eminem’s Rapture tour so there will be a very diversified palette of menus captured in the monthly roundups.

The full entrée will be unveiled in May but for now, watch the appetizer below.

Photo: Vice