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Every year during Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts flock to South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach for the popular “Black Bike Week” event. The good folks over at VICE profiled the annual motorbike and big booty pilgrimage, with plenty of sights and sounds to boot.

According to a Wikipedia posting, Black Bike Week, also known as the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, was established in 1980. Among black bikers, Black Bike Week is the largest event of its kind and attracts upwards to 400,000 attendees. Beyond bikes and scantily clad women known as “huggers” riding on the back of the machines, the event also attracts non-riders taking in the view as well.

From VICE:

Black Bike Week is an annual bike rally that takes place in South Carolina over Memorial Day weekend. Up to half a million predominantly African American bikers and revelers descend on the seaside vacation town of Myrtle Beach for several days of riding and partying. Each year the traffic comes to a standstill as the streets fill with brightly customized sports bikes, their riders taking advantage of the state’s “no helmet” law to perform burnouts and stunts up and down the main strip along the seafront.

Hordes of women—known as “huggers”—also flock to Myrtle Beach for the event, hoping to be picked up for a ride, and maybe something more. A girl will often perform the “pillion clapping” move as a passenger—essentially twerking on the back of the bike. Unfortunately, the combination of partying and biking without a helmet isn’t an especially safe one, and every year there are people who don’t make it home.

Hit the gallery to see Black Bike Week pictures and VICE’s profile.

Photos: VICE, Black Bike Week

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