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Current Nationional Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) president Derek Fisher‘s term expired this summer, and now the game is open for a new union leader. With LeBron James rumored to be considering throwing his name into the ring, we throw around five other names for your deliberation.

There’s a lot that goes into being the union president: time, commitment, dedication and the ability to be a stand-up game. Critics and analyst are all beginning to notice just how special Akron’s own is to the league’s growing presence in the world. James, who has limited time to give, is focused on making another deep run into the playoffs, as evident by him practicing his Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during the off-season.

James is giving a run “some very heavy thought,” according to one source speaking with ESPN. But with so much competition awaiting him in the East (see: Nets, Pacers, Cavs), will King James have enough to go around and still bring home another championship?

The association could elect a replacement as soon as August, when they have their annual meeting in Las Vegas. With that in mind, HipHopWired decided to post these five names on the boards for your consideration.

Tell us what you think? Will LeBron take his talents to the boardroom? Or, will another veteran leader step up to keep the league growing in size and scale? Let us know in the comments.

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