Former NBA star Ray Allen is in court battling a stalking charge in where he stated that several women he was sexting online was actually a man.

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Rajon Rondo, the former point guard for the 2008 NBA champion Boston Celtics squad, apparently has a beef with past team member, Ray Allen. In an interview, Rondo explained that he and other Celtics players from the 2008 team are gathering for a party but Allen is not invited.


Ray Allen, one of the NBA’s finest shooters, finally announced his retirement today.


The 2013-2014 season kicked off yesterday (Oct. 29), which means plenty of new kicks for sneakerheads to ogle. Easily one of the most talked about shoes last night were being rocked by Ray Allen, who was sporting a pair Air Jordan XI PE’s dubbed “2 Rings” or (“Ring Ceremony”).

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Current Nationional Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) president Derek Fisher‘s term expired this summer, and now the game is open for a new union leader. With LeBron James rumored to be considering throwing his name into the ring, we throw around five other names for your deliberation.

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Last night’s game six showdown between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs was one for the ages. Down by five with 20 second left in regulation, Miami tied the game and eventually won 103-100 in overtime.


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